Skin Nail : the advice of the manicurist

I am a manicurist and I know about bitten nails. In these cases I usually recommend Skin Nail. It is a natural product and that appeals to my customers. Its easy to use, just like a normal nail varnish, and what's more it's colorless. You can apply it on top of your normal varnish without changing the look.

The thing to do is to apply Skin Nail once a day during the first week of treatment. Every time you put your nails to your mouth to bite them, you get a surprise ! The bitter taste puts you off. It’s the extract of Quassia that gives this natural bitter taste. Then for the next three weeks, the time of the treatment, you apply Skin Nail as you would your normal varnish.

Result: four weeks of Skin Nail and no more bitten nails.

And another thing, I also recommend Skin Nail to my clients who have brittle nails. In this case you apply it under your normal varnish. The results are really great. Skin Nail makes your nails more beautiful and stronger.

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