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Quassia Amara

Quassia Amara or Casse

Latin name : Quassia Amara
Common name : Casse
Family : Lauraceae

Quassia Amara : a very long story

Skin Nail has as its active component a natural compound with a long history: Quassia Amara.

The poet Sapho

The first reference to it is written in Greek in a poem by Sapho from the 7th century B.C.

The great Greek doctor Dioscorides

The great Greek doctor and botanist, Dioscorides of the 1st century BC used it to treat respiratory ailments.


According to Herodotus the Quassia originated in the Arabian Peninsula where it grew guarded by winged serpents.

The Phoenix

And the nest of the mythical Phoenix was made of Quassia branches.


In Pliny's Rome the price of 337 grams of Quassia was 300 deniers: the cost of 10 months labour.

View of the tree

The tree can reach a height of 10 metres and has brilliant aromatic evergreen leaves. The young shoots are bright red. It needs warmth and humidity (27°) to develop well. The bark has properties described in certain pharmacopoeias.

Essential oil

An essential oil is extracted that is used in perfumes, cosmetics, phytotherapy, aromatherapy, as well as in the pharmaceutical industry. Its active principle is cinnamic aldehyde. Its properties: antibacterial, antifungal, stimulant (circulatory, respiratory and cardiac functions).

Bitter taste of Quassia

And Quassia also makes nails beautiful and strong with Skin Nail. Its what gives Skin Nail its bitter taste that stops nail biting, and it is also Quassia that strengthens the nails and prevents striated and brittle nails. Quassia, a panacea for health and beauty ?

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