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Onychophagy: a compulsive behaviour consisting of biting one's nails – sometimes down to the roots of phalanges – often triggered by stress or anxiety. Onychophagy is both a real physical and social illness. Physical, because it can cause repeated microlesions in the skin ... › Read

Exclusive survey

Who bites their nails
and why ?

Even though nail biting is a widespread behaviour no studies have been done up until now to find out the percentage and types of French people who bite their nails and the reasons behind the habit. › Read


The advice of the manicurist

I am a manicurist and I know about bitten nails. In these cases I usually recommend Skin Nail. It is a natural product and that appeals to my customers. Its easy to use, just like a normal nail varnish, and what's more it's colorless. › Read